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5 Summer Jewelry Trends

by Editor on July 29, 2013 · 1 comment

By now, you’ve probably seen your share of summer fashion concepts, enough to last until the year end. You’ve seen the aqua sheer looks, summer neons, and probably updated your own wardrobe with a few of these trendy styles. But there’s plenty of time left in the summer, and it’s never too late to add some finishing touches to your outfit. With that in mind, here are 5 jewelry trends we’re loving so far this summer.

1. Rose Gold By now you may have noticed just how popular this particular gold is getting. While yellow and white gold tend to get the most year-round attention, rose gold is everywhere this summer, and seems to be getting more stylish by the day. Use multiple pieces to create a rose gold stacked bracelet array for a truly gorgeous summer fashion accent.

2. Floral Pieces Flowers seem to be everywhere in jewelry and accessories, always playful and always attractive. But in particular, flower imitations, patterns and ornaments seem to be very popular on summer necklaces this year. There’s nothing more summer casual than a dangling, lengthy necklace with a few faux flowers interspersed among the beads and other pieces!

3. Charms & Pendants No matter what sort of jewelry you prefer, you might do best adding some charms and pendants to it this summer. From something fancier, such as a 77 Diamonds key pendant full of small, sparkling diamonds, to the most casual options, such as little metallic hearts and peace signs hanging from bracelets, pendants are trendy for summer 2013. This trend gives you endless opportunities for self-expression.

4. Geometric Jewelry This is arguably the most popular accessory trend of the summer, and as such is well worth mentioning. Essentially, any jewelry that features clear, stark geometric shapes and patterns is considered very stylish these days. Plated metal in geometric designs, in particular, is very useful in fulfilling this trend.

5. Color Finally, remember to keep your jewelry drawer colorful this summer season! Each and every summer we see an influx of bright colors and neons in clothing, and this summer jewelry appears to be making an effort to match. From small, cheap beads, to raw stone summer necklaces, to more elegant options like gemstones, color is all around us this summer, and the trend can easily be reflected in your jewelry collection.

Let us know what your favorite summer jewelry trend is…

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