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A Hippo..? A Hypocrite..? Hypocrites..?

Fashion Hippo is a tiny girl hippo who lived in a faraway land.   Her days were spent soaking up in a small river by the local village.   Although she was just a small, grey colored hippo with rough skin, she dreamed big. The Hippo aspired to be part of the world of fashion full of glam, style, elegance, and runway lights.

Over time, the Hippo traveled the world and through hard work, patience, and perseverance, learned a great deal about fashion.  The Hippo gained recognition and respect within the fashion community and evolved into a Fashion Maven.

Fashion Hippo created this blog to simplify your shopping experience and to save you time by narrowing down season’s selection to a few top choices.

Let’s face it with a myriad of products being released each season, who has the time to waddle through multiple websites to find the most beautiful, iconic, time tested pieces? And let’s be honest ladies, a great fashion find is as rare as a pair of Louboutin’s on sale.

Visit Fashion Hippo to stay in the know as here you will find:

  •  Fresh Fashion & Style News
  • “It” styles of the season
  •  Smart products
  •  The juiciest deals and steals, including the best Sample Sales Online
  •  Friends & Family Sales from the hottest merchants
  •  The best of celebrities styles

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Writers:  Our team consists of talented writers who are immersed in all things fashion and are the first one to know about an “it” things.   Whether it is a pair of jeans or the next anti-aging cream that you will not be able to live without.

Get in Touch: Fashion Hippo would love to hear from you.  Email us at fh (at) fashionhippo (dot) com

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