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7 Best eBay Vintage Stores: Find Unique Clothing, Dresses, Shoes, and Jewelry

by Michelle on July 27, 2010 · 5 comments

Best Ebay Vintage Stores

When it comes to being a fashion-oriented individual, it’s safe to say a substantial fear (or at least, one of the most terrifying) is walking in a room and spotting the exact same outfit on a fellow party-goer. Although we all love reading the “Who wore it better?” segments in the latest celebrity-bashing tabloid, maintaining a wardrobe that’s all your own adds both confidence and and an individual flair to every outfit.

So how do you find those original pieces, when surrounded by boutiques and stores shopped at by thousands? With a click of a mouse and some knowledge on vintage fashion, original pieces all your own can easily be found via eBay vintage clothing stores.Best Ebay Vintage Stores Clothing
For those unacquainted with eBay, spotting the best vintage boutiques can be quite of a challenge. Although simply searching for “vintage skirts” can result in questionable and sketchy possibilities, the shops we rounded up are guaranteed to carry one-of-a-kind pieces, all at an affordable cost.
 Vintage pieces add a wide range of versatility to any wardrobe and, buying vintage clothing is extremely “green,” since it incorporates garment recycling and helps the environment.

Buying vintage also will save on investing in the current fashion trends. It’s  easy to see how today’s major trends of neons, boho, and swing skirts stemmed from our favorite eras in history, while those same pieces can be bought at a fraction of the cost of a designer’s interpretation.

So, where to start? Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of the best vintage shops, providing clothing, accessories, or both. Take a peek at eBay’s  vintage clothing stores, and see if you don’t find a treasure all of your own.

1.Violetteville Vintage

Best Ebay Vintage Stores

Lucie Ann Vintage 70s Leaf Mini Caftan Fire Red Dress

A sassy, disco-infused shop filled with pieces perfect for the true vintage-lover. With prices ranging from $15 to $300, and clothing from the 1920s through the 1980s, men’s clothing, accessories, and everything in between can be found here.

2. MakiMaki Vintage

Best Ebay Vintage Clothing Ralph Lauren

Vintage 90s Ralph Lauren Salmon High Waist Cuffed Shorts

With chic-ly styled models and current, fashion forward pieces made readily available, this shop utilizes the natural “cool” of vintage style by making it new again. Divided into categories depending on what you’re shopping for, that 70s inspired romper or 40s swing skirt is seemingly at your finger tips.

Standout pieces by Chanel and Ralph Lauren are featured, as reasonable bid prices allow for this sore to be one of the best.

3.Mama Stone Vintage

Best Ebay Vintage Dresses Floral Mini

Vintage 70s/80s White Blue Floral Smocked Mini Sundress

Carrying only dresses yet ranging from the late 60s through the early 90s, Mama Stone Vintage is ideal for finding that boho-inspired, perfectly easy printed dress. With a $5 discount off of purchases of $100 or more, Mama Stone Vintage holds professional standards, as well as an impressive layout and wide selection of dresses for every occasion.

4. Indie Cult Vintage

Best Ebay Vintage Dresses

Vintage Ethnic Southwestern Plunging V-Kimono Mini-dress

As stated on their website, Indie Cult Vintage focuses on the, “indiscriminate girl who loves fashion.”  With a competitive edge, seeking to provide great deals on the widest variety of vintage fashions, Indie Cult Vintage sells anything from clothing, to shoes, and accessories.

While their “Buy It Now” prices can exceed $300, the option to bid on items allow for shoppers to start at an ideal $9.99, and to work their way up. This shop has the broadest selection comparing to many of the Ebay vintage clothing stores and is certainly one of the best.

5. Retro Chic Vintage

Vintage 70s Bird Novelty Print Knee Length Shirt Dress

With possibly the largest selection of vintage clothing on Ebay, Retro Chic Vintage showcases a wide variety of clothing using photo shoots and trippy backgrounds.  Divided into sections for your browsing pleasure, Retro Chic offers simply everything ranging from “Cocktails and Party Dresses,” to “Swimsuits,”  “Fabulous 50s Dresses” and more.

The shop offers high quality, rare pieces and the ability to search the store by size and keyword is an added bonus.

6.Buy Buy Birdie’s

Best Ebay Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Ladies 14K Y.G. Blue Lapis Lazuli Ring

As we all know, vintage clothing isn’t the only way to add some original spark to your wardrobe. Even more versatile are vintage accessories, guaranteeing one-of-a-kind sparks of interest that can’t be duplicated. For all things accessories, look no further than Buy Buy Birdie’s.

Offering all types of accessories, from jewelry to hats, coats, wraps, political pieces watches and more, Buy Buy Birdie’s is guaranteed to have that perfect vintage piece to compliment any outfit.

7. VTG Elvis Really Rocks

Best Ebay Vintage Shoes

NOS Red Vintage 70s Platform Jute Wedge Sandals

In order to go vintage from your head to your toes, look no further than VTG ElvisReallyRocks.  Specializing in footwear, this store offers a myriad of shoe options, as well as additional vintage clothing.  With everything categorized either by product or time period, VTG ElvisReallyRocks is guaranteed to carry the perfect vintage footwear.

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