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Can it get any colder? It’s chic boots time!

by Editor on January 2, 2015 · 0 comments

Aldo 2
In my last post I wrote about awesome shoe styles from ALDO Shoes and how they helped me fashionably transition from summer to fall.

In this post, I am once again freezing. And this time, because the winter is frosting my toes.
I don’t know about you, but this California girl likes to bundle up in warm layers from head to toe when the frosts descend.

To do that I layer race-back tee, then a short sleeve tee, topped by a cashmere sweater. On my feet, I look for shoes that are lined and soft on the inside and chic on the outside.

This is exactly the kind of thinking that brought me to this sweet pair of Surma boots from ALDO Shoes. Chic on the outside, warm on the inside. These cuties come in thee colors, natural, camel, and black.

Natural being my favorite, as it is unique, stands out, and looks much more high-end than its price tag. This time, however, instead of buying online, I ventured to an actual store. I like to see, feel, and smell my leather!

And let me say, it satisfied my fashion senses, in all criteria. The leather was soft, yet resilient. The smell was that of good quality leather. The look was exactly what I was searching for, chic, yet understated. In short, I am giving whole in-store shoe shopping thing much thought. It is just so much better than shopping online in terms of satisfying ones senses and immediate gratification (i.e. walking out of the store with a physical pair vs. waiting for it to arrive in a few days).

I’ve included the full and very layered look that I plan to sport with my new Surma boots. Lot’s of boots styles turned my head while I was at the store, so if you are near ALDO Shoes store, do pop by. You’ll walk out a satisfied girl.

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