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Fall’s Best Boots

by Editor on October 21, 2013 · 0 comments

GiveMeAldoSome women are so proactive, they are finished shopping for fall season in August. In my case, I start thinking of fall wardrobe, when the cold air sends shivers through my skin upon exiting our front door. Today was just that kind of morning. First, cold wind made me shiver, then I found a whisper of ice decorating my car’s windows. Last, my toes, vulnerable in the open-toe sandals, turned to numb in a matter of minutes. All of this catapulted me straight into I-need-a-pair-of-warm-boots, mode.

You might ask me why I didn’t check the weather…But why would you, since we clearly established at the beginning of the post, that I am not a planning type.

I am however an action oriented type, and went straight into a search mode for the best pair of fall boots. This is when I came upon a plentiful selection from ALDO Shoes, which included some delicious pairs of boots in every style.  I mean, any style your heart desires, riding boots, combat boots, short boots.  In addition to being stylish and on trend, the boots are also affordable.

Here are my favorite styles from the collage above (listed from top left to right): 1.Dannielle 2.Keana 3.Salazie 4.Sefrou 5.Pesh

What I love about each of these styles is versatility.  They will work equally well when you wear them with a pair of skinny jeans, a pair of tights, or a skirt.  They can also be easily dressed up by pairing them with fancy wear or down by pairing them with a pair of casual top and pants.

Check out ALDO boots and share with us your favorite on Twitter. Use #givemealdo hashtag!


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