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Searching for Oval Sunglasses

by Editor on September 30, 2014 · 0 comments

I don’t know about you, but for me, finding the right shape of sunglasses has always been a challenge. You see, I have a small face.  A small oval shaped face.  Because of that, most of the sunglasses don’t fit me.  Take a pair of oversized sunnies, for example.  Now, while this popular shape has been worn by everyone from Jackie Kennedy to Rachel Zoe, it makes me look like a four year old trying on Mommy’s glasses. Then, there are aviators, which instead of making me cool, make me look like I am wearing someone else’s gear.

There is however, one shape that has always worked well with my face shape.  It is the oval shaped glasses.  Now, while I know this part, shopping online for the oval shapes get tricky. Mostly because I can’t always tell when shopping online if the glasses are oval or round, small or oversized.  Since virtually trying the glasses on is not an option, I was grateful to come across Coastal, a well curated, designer sunglasses site.  In addition to having an easy to use interface and a clear layout, I greatly appreciate that they categorize the sunglasses by shapes, such as aviator, oversized, oval, wayfarer, and rectangle.

This made things simple, as I clicked on an oval shape and was navigated to a 21 pieces selection of oval shaped designer sunglasses, that also happened to be reasonably priced. Picking from 21 curated pairs is much simpler than browsing through 14 overwhelming pages.  Immediately, a pair of chic Balenciaga sunglasses caught my eye. Priced at $129.99, it was a no brainer. I snagged the pair into my shopping cart and checked out.  Quick, simple, and well prices, is how this transaction went.  Which is exactly what I aim for when shopping for designer products online.

Check out Coastal for yourself and see if your experience matches mine.

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