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The Art of Thoughtful Gift Giving

by Michelle on December 16, 2011 · 0 comments

This holiday season, one thoughtful gift for that special someone can say so much more than a million insignificant ones. That’s why we believe in the art of thoughtful and meaningful gift giving.

Too often, it’s easy to buy gifts we want to give, as opposed to what our loved one would deem meaningful. But taking the time to think about the recipient, and what he/she would actually want, can take gift giving to a whole other level.

And it’s not just the gift that can make an impact in the weeks to come. We outlined five simple ways to create the perfect, thoughtful gift for everyone on your list, from landing the perfect present to finding special and unique ways to present it. This holiday season, we have your gift-giving tactics covered.

Take a peek at our gift giving tips that will wrap your gift giving in thoughtful touches.

1. Details Matter

Tissue paper and other gift wrapping accessories add a touch of elegance to any present, big or small. Plus, it lets you to include an extra dash of personal taste while adding to the gift-giving experience. Look for printed details and go for a theme. But, be careful to not go too over-the-top. Creating a color scheme that aligns with your gift is an excellent option.

Floral Trellis Tissue Paper, $31.45 per unit.  How to make embellished package toppers.

2. Boxes and Bags

Choosing the perfect box or bag creates the essence of your presentation. Keep in mind the recipient’s personal style, and add a dash of flare through printed bags and original boxes. And don’t be afraid to branch away from the typical paper boxes and bags. Reusable wrapping and bags that can double as totes, or become part of the present, can take your gift to a whole other level.

Green and Metallic Gold Cloth Reusable Christmas Bag, $7 Handmade Kraft paper gift box set, $5

3. Get Personal With Cards

Use your card to express holiday wishes, but kick it up a notch and opt for a homemade option. Cards are simple and easy to make, and their one-of-a-kind quality makes them that much more personal. Hand made cards will resonate with the recipient and will most likely become a cherished memory, instead of ending up in the trash can.

DIY instructions for simple holiday cards.  Crafty and homemade cards can also be found at Papyrus.

4. Preparing in advance

It’s no secret the holiday season is bustling with present buying, which is why getting a jump start on creating your personal gifts is key. Although preparing a personally-made gift can be a bit time consuming, the benefits are worth it. Not to mention, you’ll bypass the stress of last minute buying and wrapping, which surely leads to generic present presentations.

Click here for the importance of preparing in advance, and other tips and tricks.

5. When to give

Finding the perfect time to give your gift is just as important as the gift itself. To make the experience more memorable, find a private time to present your present. It will create a moment that will be hard to forget, and it will shine the spotlight on all your hard work.

What are some thoughtful touches you brush on when giving a gift?  Still looking for a perfect gift?  Check out these  17 best holiday gifts we curated.

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