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Upcoming Designer Collaborations: The Unattainable, the Good, and the Ugly

by Michelle on September 27, 2010 · 0 comments

This fall is filled with coveted and less-than-so designer collaborations.   As yellow leafs are pirouetting their way to the ground, Gap collaborated with Valentino, Lanvin teamed up with H&M, and Mullbery released their collection for Target.   Read our review of each collaboration:

The Unattainable: Valentino for Gap

Launching in late November, 2o1o, the highly anticipated Valentino for Gap collection, will sadly not be sold in U.S.   The collection is targeted to be released in Milan in an effort to promote the city’s new flagship store as well as London and Paris.  The goal for this collection is to offer exquisite, Valentino-inspired “iconic Gap pieces.”For ladies looking to travel out of country for the holidays, look for the Valentino-Gap collection to also be sold in Gap stores on Oxford Street and Dover Market Street in London as well as at Colette in Paris.  And for all you American girls stuck at home, perhaps you’ll get lucky on Ebay.

The Good: Lanvin for H&M

Another dynamite collaboration which is leaving fashionistas everywhere on the edge of their seats is Lanvin for H&M collection.  This seemingly guaranteed line of middle-market clothing with a high-end twist is set to debut on November 23 at 200 H&M stores worldwide.

This collaboration, described as bringing back “luxurious french tradition which is also modern and playful,” is another one of many high-end designers to team with H&M, as their previous collaborators include Karl Lagerfield, Stella McCartney and Sonia Rykiel.

And for those who simply cannot wait until the end of November for a peek at this collection, look for a special film introducing the line to be posted on on November 2nd.   While you wait, check out the original Lanvin designs and get them on sale at theOutnet.

The Ugly: Mulberry for Target

Although not for sale until October 10, the Mulberry for  Target collection has collected some not-so-rave reviews after images of their products have been leaked throughout the web.The Mulberry brand is known for lucious-leather based bags that ooze sophistication and are a favorite among celebrities, such as Sienna Miller. However Mulberry’s collaboration with the usually style-conscious Target has resulted in plastic-looking bags that left us yearning for a better product.

Mulberry has stated that they are using denim and velvet instead of their signature leather to meet $50 price limits of Target shoppers.  Sadly, their usual classic and sophisticated style  was lost in their effort to produce bags at an affordable price.icon

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