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What Did Michelle Obama Wear To 2010 Governor’s Ball?

by Editor on February 21, 2010 · 6 comments


On Sunday afternoon Michelle Obama gave a group of Washington-area music students a preview of the talent set to perform at the Governor’s Ball.

We think Michelle Obama looked spectacular.   Her outfit iss stylish, classy, and flattering.   She wore a high waist skirt above-the-knee pencil skirt, deep plunge silk v-neck blouse, cropped sleeves black cardigan, studded belt by Azelina Alyaia, and round-toe patent leather pumps.

This look is sophisticated and versatile.   Wear it to drum up your classy meets chic fashionista status at the office or to impress at a celebratory dinner.

Here is how to get her look for less:
Cropped Cardigan from Express
-$39.50(from $49.50)

Mia Via V-Neck Silk Blouse-$148

The high waist skirt is figure flattering and chic.  We found two options to meet high and low budget.

High Waist Skirt from Express -$49.50
St. John High Waist Skirt -$138

Linea Pelle Studded Wave Design Belt -$49

Restricted Women’s Ashlee Pump
Restricted Women's Ashlee Pump

Michael Kors Patent Leather Pump

-$169.99(from $195)


For more sophisticated and elegant finds, visit our Shopping Guides.

What do you think of Michelle’s outfit? Do you like it or loathe it? Share in the comments section.

{ 6 comments… read them below or add one }

1 Argie February 22, 2010

It seems like she gets more and more chic. Her hair has even deflated! She looks great here :)

2 fh February 22, 2010

Thanks for commenting, Argie. Great point about the hair style. It is very slick – chick and sophisticated.

3 Leila Silva February 22, 2010

The first lady know the right measure to be always elegant models with both classical and versatiles. Excellent advices.

Leila Silva

4 Kirsten February 23, 2010

I completely agree with Argie. Especially about the hair.

5 Missy miller March 5, 2010

I’m sorry but while she does wear her clothing beautifully, she consistently ruins the entire look by the lumbering gait she chooses to use. She doesn’t walk like a lady. She lumbers like a line backer. I refuse to engage in the “Oh, isn’t she so beautiful…” diatribe when she can’t seem to engage her body in anything but a nonsensical buffalo stampede! Michelle, stand up straight…shoulders back, chin up (nose NOT in the air) and one foot in front of the other when wearing a skirt or dress. Especially one drawn at the knees or lower for effect. Glide your stance. Don’t pound your feet. She is a bigger woman and very tall. Someone should make her aware of this. Sheesh!

6 couture dresses April 16, 2010

Great as always! Whatever this woman chooses to wear it’s always so elegant and stylish. I admire her style.

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